Serving the needy since 1945


His Holiness Swami Sivananda was born in Pathamadai in Thirunelveli district, South India. Ever since his childhood, His Holiness was totally devoted to serving others. He worked very hard and graduated in Medicine. As a doctor he earned money but could not obtain peace of mind. He realized that earning a lot of money does not mean earning peace and happiness. Instead, spiritualism alone can help one attain MUKTHI or MOKSHA. His mind was in search of peace and was in a quest for the ultimate purpose of being born in this world. He felt that everyone must have a goal in life and one must lead one’s life with purpose and meaning.

Swami Sivananda proceeded to Rishikesh in North India, where he realized his goal while sitting on the banks of Ganges. He advocated non-violence, truth and worship. Many were impressed by his simplicity and teachings. He gathered a lot of followers and in due course, a mission was started in a small hut which today proudly stands as SWAMI SIVANANDA SARASWATHI SEVASHRAM at Rishikesh. His teachings were simple and he saw God as Omnipotent. He advocated the principle that "ONE CAN FIND GOD IN HIS/HER OWN HEART BY BEING HONEST AND LEADING A SIMPLE LIFE". He believed the teachings of the Quran, Bhagavath Gita and Bible to be the same. He also believed that there was no need for one to go in search of God, as one can find God in their own hearts by not being selfish, but by making sacrifices for others. Many devotees all around the world were fascinated by his teachings and started several missions in Yoga, Siddha and other spiritual awakenings. 

The late founders of Sivananda Ashram, Sri S. V. Iyer and Dr. V. Mangalam, started this organization after being enlightened by Swamiji that the only real happiness a human being could find was by serving others.

We hope Swamiji’s teachings inspire and motivate all of us to do what we can to help others lead a better life.

"Be Good, Do Good"

"Love All, Serve All"

"Service to the suffering humanity is the true service to God"