Serving the needy since 1945


Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has plans to improve and provide a foundation for the future of the orphan children and various other weaker groups of our society. Our future plans depends on the help extended by the Government, public, and the NRIs.


We have been planning to set up a Polytechnic institute to facilitate a better future for the orphan children after their basic schooling. Sivananda Ashram plans to set up a polytechnic institute with various departments/across various fields enabling the children to qualify in a field/trade they are interested in. This will help children obtain technical qualifications in mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, computer science and other such areas, which will help them during their job hunt in the corresponding field. Besides helping the 300+ orphan children of Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram, this project will also help thousands of other orphan children in the state. We propose to set up the required plant and machinery, construct the building and get recognition from the government as early as possible. We hope to start the Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram polytechnic institute within the next couple of years.

Computer Training Centre:

Importance of Information Technology/Computer Technology is increasing exponentially in India. Even villages in our country are slowly developing in this field. Infrastructure such as access to Internet etc have increased dramatically. Given the circumstances, in order to have the children in our orphanage well-qualified in the filed of computers, we plan to start a Computer Training Centre. This center also will not only cater to the needs of the kids of Sivananda Orphanage but will help the orphan children coming from various organizations in the State of Tamilnadu. We require at least 50 computers to start this Computer Training Center.

School for Deaf and Dumb:

Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram has received numerous requests to start a school for Deaf and Dumb children. We have had to deny admission to many deaf/dumb children in our schools because we do not have the necessary infrastructure to take care of these special kids currently. Despite a possible nominal grant of Rs. 36/- per child per month from the Government for this cause, we require additional finance and resources to construct the building, to set up additional infrastructure etc. If finance and resources are available, we will be very happy to start a deaf and dumb school very soon. 

Service to blind, spastic, and mentally challenged:

We are eager to start this project especially because we have been unable to admit a number of such special children and adults who have wanted our help in the past. Taking care of these children needs additional help and additional monetary aid. Monetary aid from donors will help us set up the necessary infrastructure to house these special kids and also employ the additional help required to look after these kids.

Sivananda Arts College without Donation Fee:

Today, education is highly commercialized. The rich and affluent can afford the initial fees required for an admission to a college. However, in the 400+ orphanages run by various voluntary organizations throughout the State of Tamilnadu, thousands of orphan children graduate from higher secondary education every year. These children do not have either the moral or financial support to pursue their Graduation/Post Graduation studies. Though many of these children may not be willing or may not be qualified to pursue a higher education, hundreds of interested children do not have the resources to do so. Our Ashram wants to start a college, charging no fees but providing competitive facilities to these kids throughout the State.

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