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Diwali Celebrations

Share your happiness with our children & elders



Warm greetings and good wishes from the kids & elders of SIVANANDA SARASWATHI SEVASHRAM, a national awardee organisation serving the needy since 1945.

Festivals and Functions create a sense of purpose in this world and encourage "oneness" in our families. Festivals help us share love and affection with our kith and kin.

The rich and affluent, depending on their capacity and ability, celebrate festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Ramadan, by wearing new clothes, bursting crackers and feasting on sweets, elaborate meals etc.

While festivals are celebrated with so much of pomp and splendour all over the world, we make a sincere attempt to enable kids in our Sevashram to also enjoy these festivals whole-heartedly. Therefore, we propose to celebrate this year's Diwali festival by providing two sets of new clothes to each kid, crackers, a grand feast, and other forms of entertainment for our kids.

Although we have a lot of kind hearted people within our Organization to provide physical services, this initiative involves a substantial amount of monetary aid to provide all the requirements mentioned above to more than 300 beneficiaries. Hence an appeal is sent through this web site for benevolent individuals to contribute to this noble project.

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