Serving the needy since 1945

Rotary club of Ambattur is immensely privileged to have been associated with Sivananda Ashram, a noble Institution, in the "Sleeping Children around the world". We shall cherish this appearance for years.


I am happy to have a view of this Institution. Although it was started in 1945, it is not yet expanded to a great strength. It seems dye to paucity of donation. More expansions are needed. My all the best wishes to the organizers and children of this Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram.


It has been a great pleasure to me to have been able to participate in the Annual Day celebrations of this Sevashram. Under the Guidance of Thiru & Thirumathi Rajaram this integrated complex of institution for Children and the aged is fulfilling an important need of this community. The Institution seems to provide love and affection those very much in need of it.

I would like to congratulate the management, donors and well wishers of this organization for sponsoring such a worthy cause. May best wishes for the further promotion of these Institution.


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