Serving the needy since 1945

Visited this institution after many years and I am happy to see the development. The children are bright and healthy may they their future be also bright. May the plans of Tmt. & Thiru Rajaram to start an Industrial Training Institute become a reality so that many more deprived children may benefit.


I had the privilege to visit Sivananda Ashram on the 5th August and see for myself the wonderful work done by Mrs. and Dr. Rajaram and their dedicated team. There is a difference between service and dedication. While service carry an element of ego, dedication is devoid of ego. The person offering services feels that "I am doing this and my services are required"5:28 PM 6/2/2010 where as the dedicated person feels and derives pleasure out of doing the service. I witnessed in Sivananda Ashram ample demonstration of this sincere dedication of people involved in a noble cause.

In a materialistic society, where the values are getting devalued everyday, Sivananda Ashram stands as a symbol for the aspirations of a good society. The innocent look and enthusiasm of the children and the care with which they are being brought up makes me proud and happy that our culture and heritage exists. An interaction with the old people at the Ashram made me sad that our materialism has gone to the extent that children abandon their fundamental duty for the sake of materialistic gain. The Ashram is healing the wounds passed on by the society by taking care of the old people by allowing interaction of these old people with young children in the ashram. A happy family with absolute faith in God is being developed. I do not consider that anyone can be called an orphan for, all are God's children. My visit to the ashram has strengthened me to resolve that in a humble way, I should extend support to the noble cause undertaken in this Ashram and spread the spirit of love and peace. For you and the members of your team while I offer my salutation and good wishers, I trust they will continue to maintain the same sense of dedication while this institution grows and always remember that they are serving God by serving those in the Ashram.


If you give food to a deserved one, you give him/her health to learn. If you give education to a deserved one, you give him/her heuristic health to live. You, Dr. S. Rajaram and Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram and others here, render both education and offer food.

This yeoman service is the greater human service.


I am very pleased and happy to visit the Ashram and all for myself the missionary work of Dr. S. Rajaram and Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram. It is very heartening, satisfying and emulating. May God give them the courage to continue this task under the guiding spirit of the great Sivananda and Iyer.


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